I recently spent a few weeks in downtown Vancouver. It’s a big city and there is lots to do. Site seeing opportunities are everywhere and I walked a lot. Along the seawall from Science Centre to Granville Island, along the streets to parks and galleries. But there is one thing I found to be in very short supply.

Ice cream cones.

I was there in July and it was hot. I was craving an ice cream cone. And the more I looked for one, the more desperate I became. When I finally found one, the flavours were more strange than appetizing, the waffle cone was stale and the price, well. Disappointing.

So, I thought now that I am home, it would be good to point out if you are craving an ice cream cone in Powell River, you are in luckThe first two locations that come to mind are at Willingdon Beach. The Beach Hut and Putters both offer mouthwatering favourite flavours, fresh waffle cones and reasonable prices.

Got the big city beat already!

But you can enjoy these cones with an ocean view. Just hop over to the beach and grab a log-sit. Don’t forget extra napkins.

If you happen to find yourself in a slightly remote area, let’s say Lund or maybe the Farmer’s Market, have no fear. Your ice cream craving will not suffer. You can indulge with Sassy Mack’s Ice Cream. Made by hand. With local ingredients. Can you say yummy?

Heading south of town? Stop in at Pacific Point Market and get your cool cone fix there. Enjoying the air conditioned comfort of the mall? You have options here too. The Sweet Shop serves hard ice cream cones, and if you are an old softie, Snack Attack Shack is your destination.

And, not to be outdone, the fabulous folks at Tla’amin Convenience can serve up a refreshing waffle cone complete with sprinkles.

It’s no wonder I was craving a little Powell River hometown ice cream while I was away. Just look at all our options! Now the plan is to personally taste-test them all! How many weeks left of summer?

Enjoy the ice cream season in Powell River.




PS: Have I missed your favourite ice cream cone stop? Do tell!