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Here is your chance to flaunt that artistic eye you have!
Send us your photo. If we like your picture, we’ll feature it at the very top of VisitPowellRiver for the whole world to see! (And you don’t even have to send 5 copies to your mother… just send her the link!) Bragging Rights will be yours for as long as we keep it up there… could be a week, could be longer.

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Here’s the deal.
Your picture should be of Powell River and area. After all, this is VisitPowellRiver! It needs to be in a horizontal format.
And give us the best quality you can. Know that we are apt to crop it a bit so that it works where we want to put it. We will put your name and where it was taken so everyone will know it’s yours. Simply fill out the form below and attach your image. We will let you know we got it.

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