It is the beginning of April and there is no doubt, spring has arrived in Powell River.

While the rest of the country is facing a dirty brown landscape, with still a threat of frost or even snow, Powell River jumps ahead. The robins have been here for weeks. The crocus are finished blooming. The daffodils are in full swing, fruit trees are bursting with flowers and sweet aroma.

Even the Rufous Hummingbirds have arrived after their long flight from Mexico to take advantage of the flowering buffet we have here on the Upper Sunshine Coast.

Ministry of Natural Resources, Canada


If you are an avid gardener (or want to be) you may be interested to know that Powell River is classified in Zone 8, the same as Texas and Florida.

Most of Canada is in the Zone 3 to 5 range. Our mild winters and moderate summers give us a long growing season and the ability to nurture some almost-tropical varieties including banana, monkey puzzle trees, and varieties of palm.

We truly have green all year long. The Laurel bushes require a good trimming in January, if you can swing it. Other parts of Canada cling to indoor plants through the nasty months of winter.



At the moment our own garden is displaying an array of colour with the violet azalea mixed with white magnolia and the happy yellow of the forsythia competing for attention. The rhododendron is full of buds, waiting their turn.

Yes, we get rain and lots of it. Moisture is a necessary element to give us the lush green landscapes that we take for granted. But on a sunny day in early April there is no finer place to be than in the gardens of Powell River. Stroll around any neighbourhood in town and admire the variety and colour palette that is opening up to the sun and warmth. 

If you happen to live in another part of Canada still in winter mindset, perhaps you should plan an April trip next spring.

Happy Gardening!


PS: If you want to share a picture of your spring garden be sure to send it to us at VisitPowellRiver and we may even post it on our website! See our homepage for details.


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