Bike-PowerI am 53 years old and do not have a driver’s license. I also treasure my independence.
I realize that seems like a contradiction. Learning to drive my Dad’s huge Ford caused undo anguish — probably for both of us — when I was 16, and at that time I thought “oh, I’ll do this later”.

Of course, later never happened. I have always lived in large cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary – with transit systems and walkable neighbourhoods, prompting learning to drive to fall off my list of things to do. Today, I fear it may be too late. But I now find myself in a small community, navigating about town, and trying desperately not to have my husband become my chauffeur.

Powell River does have a transit system, I am happy to say, but unlike big city frequencies of 10 or 15 minute service, the bus comes once per hour. And there are situations when that is just too much time for contemplation at the other end prior to an appointment.

So, weather permitting (which is most of the time in our moderate climate) I am riding my Marlatt-Ave-in-fogbicycle. This sounds easier than it is for a woman my age and with less-than-average athletic abilities. There are hills. No matter which way you go, there are hills. In fact, I walk my bike DOWN Cranberry Hill because it scares me to consider riding down that steep grade. There is no chance I will ever ride up that one. There are sections of road that I simply run out of steam, and dismount for half a block or so.

I am hopeful that the more I ride around town, my Peacock-Crossingstamina will improve. But even if it doesn’t I am okay with it. Riding a bike around this forested, water-view, low traffic community is a pleasure. And I am on my own schedule. Yesterday, I rode to the Library. Tomorrow, I shall ride to the Academy of Music. And to my part time job, the ride is down-hill on the way there, with a slight uphill on the return trip…a bit tough following an arduous shift.

Still I think that maybe I’ll get my driver’s license one of these days.
In the mean time, it is quite Marine-Avepossible you will see me en route to my destination, walking my bike beside the road. No worries. I am just catching my breath and enjoying the surroundings.


Bike To Work Week is May 26th to June 1st.
If I can do it, you can too!