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It’s Just Ducky Here in Powell River


You know about smart phones, smart tv’s and perhaps you know about smart ovens. But in Powell River we have smart ducks. With the rest of our country deep into winter, with still months to go, it is a wonder why we don’t have more visitors this time of year. It’s spring here. Well, not officially of course. But look around. It’s green. Small flowers are bursting out of the ground. The sun is shining, the days are getting longer – albeit bsnowdrops 150pxy only minutes a day. It feels good to step outside. This cannot be said for most of our Canadian neighbours.

The waterfowl seems to already know this. A recent visit to Cranberry Lake revealed some seasonal visitors. Naturally, the grand Canadian Geese are always in attendance but there are more Mallards than usual as they head here from the colder inland lakes. Smart Ducks.

The very pretty Buffleheads were spotted on the lake, with their big heads and striking colouration. They too have come here for the winter from the Interior. The Common Mergansers, a bit of an odd couple her with that crazy punk haircut and he looks like a small Loon, are also here in greater numbers until sometime in March.

Now is the time to get outdoors for a walk around our lakes, breathe in the fresh air while giving a nod to the ducks that are visiting Powell River for ducksthe winter months. More of our Canadian friends should be so smart.

Spot a cool duck on your hikes? Let us know!


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