I have been reading “Younger Next Year” by Crowley and Lodge, and I have taken the advice to heart — no pun intended. I am still working on some aspects but I feel I am headed in the right direction. There are several messages in the book but the main take away to live a healthy and happy life after 50 is exercise, exercise, exercise. Get that heart rate up and do it every day. Add strength training to your regime.


You might think in a small town like Powell River, you would have trouble with exercise options but nothing could be further from the truth.


First of all, you can walk or run. Just get outside. We have countless hiking trails to explore, some with serious elevation, some in established forest and some with ocean views. Breathe in that fresh air. If you desire a smooth surface for your power walk, join the regulars at the Timberlane Track.


Our great outdoors is also a cyclist’s friend, and you may see me peddling my way about town. There is always a hill for that heart rate workout. We also have mountain bike trails worthy enough for the BC Bike Race so surely they would be up to your standards. Take a friend and be bear aware.



The Recreational Complex has a pool, weight room and fitness programs. To assist you with your balance and strength training, yoga and pilates classes can be had at T-Fit Training Centre, Coast Fitness and Terri Beck’s Pilates Fitness Studio to name just a few. Tai Chi classes are available at the Cranberry Senior’s Centre and Taoist Tai Chi teaches at 2 locations in town.


If you’ve got the music in you maybe square dancing is more your thing. Star Dusters Dance Club will get your feet moving and your heart pumping.


The book talks about the science of exercise, how it enables the body to fight the things that ail us as we age and how it improves our attitude and outlook on life. Powell River has it’s own beauty that can give us the motivation to get going. We don’t have the same winter weather that most of the country has that can put a serious set back in your fitness program. So, get started if you are not already out there. Take the first step. Be healthy. Be happy. You can be “younger next year” in Powell River.


Julie, VisitPowellRiver


Tell us how you are keeping in shape. We welcome any Powell River fitness secrets you wish to share.


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